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About Us

Left: Aleksandra Lesevic, designer&founder. On the right: Danijela Sindelic, designer&creative director and mother of Aleksandra.


Designer and founder of Dna Creations Aleksandra Lesevic from Zurich started to design clothes for her and her mother in 2015. ” My grandmother used to make clothes for me and her when i was a child and that’s how it all started”. The story continues 2015 when Aleksandra goes off to study at the University of the Arts / London College of Fashion. ”My big inspiration was my mother and my grandmother with their classy and unique styles so it was always an idea to create a collection for mother and daughter and a collection that can be worn by young women and by mature ladies”. Our style is classic and elegant. Our goal is to make every woman feel stylish. When worn our clothes give a feeling of comfort and elegance, they feel very light and soft on the skin. Our clothes are made of the highest grade of silk and velvet there is. Our latest collection is very much inspired by the classy era of the 40’s and by the old Hollywood glam actresses of that era.